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"I wish that you were here, or I was there, or we were together anywhere."
-(via jesape)
"You asked what turns me on,
like there was a definition as to what gets me riled up,
like you would change to fit that definition,
so I said and I didn’t say
that it’s the fire behind those eyes,
the touches on my arm on the way out the door,
the sleepy smile on Saturday morning,
your thrill at getting new books to read late at night,
when you watch me do planks and push-ups,
the passion you have for being alive,
all that is natural, all that is you, it
heats up my skin and crawls up my spine and
makes my mind smile
and heart race and
body yearn and
don’t you ever dare
to ask me that question again
like there’s something more you
need to become."
-Kayla Kathawa - stay stay stay the same (via ninakathawa)


waking up everyday seems a little excessive